Wall Street Journal Robs $26,000 From Kids Fighting Cancer Due To Edgy Jokes

On September 29th, 2018 the number one late night show on YouTube The Killstream hosted by Ethan Ralph and his two co-hosts Zidan and Gator ran a charity stream using the YouTube Superchat For Good feature which assures 100% of the donations go straight to charity. They chose to donate to Ralph’s favorite charity St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The stream was a smashing success and it proceeded to raise over $26,000 for kids with charity.

On the night of the stream I made a fake satire RightWingWatch screenshot about the funds being raised essentially being hate dollars because of some of the edgy jokes that were said during the stream. The stream was something most normal people can relate to, having a good time while also supporting a undeniably great cause. Many people starting sharing my tweet thinking it was a real headline and yet little did I know a couple months later this meme would become a reality.

After the stream ended until November 1st, 2018 not much was made of the stream because the endless praise for helping out a good cause. I mean what kind of sick person would be mad about money being raised for kids with cancer? On October 31st, Ethan Ralph received this e-mail from Yoree Koh who is a “journalist” at Wall Street Journal.

Ralph has dealt with the mainstream media before and declined to comment knowing that there is no benefit to giving these types of obvious smear pieces any response since they will only try to use anything they can against you. The next day Ralph addressed this on Twitter.

That night the Killstream crew went live to discuss the WSJ e-mail and incoming hit piece. Shortly after the stream it was taken offline despite nothing controversial being discussed. After this Zidan who hosts his own stream called the Post Mortem went live with the other two co-hosts which was almost immediately taken down as well. It was clear YouTube was going to take down any attempt of them running a stream that night.

And here is where we circle back to the Healstream because on the next day viewers who had donated money to St. Jude’s during the Healstream began getting refunds for their donations.

It was clear what had taken place as Mister Metokur explained in this tweet.

Twitter Moments Thread

The WSJ article still had not dropped and as #WSJKillsKids began to trend on Twitter Ralph got notice that all of his YouTube channels had been wiped from the platform.

Based on the timeline of events one can be pretty certain that the WSJ questioning of St. Jude’s pressured them into returning the money and YouTube removing The Killstream and associated channels from their platform. These are based on superchats that viewers sent in, something the hosts of the show have zero control over. According to the Wall Street Journal, they would rather give money back to people they claim are “racists” than to help kids with cancer. It also opens a huge can of worms for YouTube because it creates the precedent that streamers are now responsible for what superchats are sent in which they have no control over.

Here is Ralph’s interview on Infowars, another outlet that has been depersoned by almost every mainstream Silicon Valley tech giant.

Ralph has at least temporarily moved The Killstream to DLive and based on the first couple streams most if not all of his audience has followed the show there.